What I do.
Product/Business Development

I currently head up product and business at GoSquared.
If you would like a CV feel free to contact me, in the meantime here is my LinkedIn.

Forget your passwords.

Create complex unique passwords that you can easily access in seconds on any device, anywhere. Available online and on the App store. The code is also open source.

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Starting to share them.

I started making films at the age of 12 when we won an iBook G3 as prize. I’ve never shared any of my films until quite recently. You can find the new ones on YouTube. They’re not great by any means but I hope to change that with each new one I produce.

Tumblr. A slightly different perspective.

My blog, perhaps its 4th iteration, is a myriad of work, personal and anything I find interesting. Check it out at tumblr.pirac.co.uk.

One more thing.
Say hello!

I'm often around central London so if you're up for a coffee just drop me a line.